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My school (text improvement)

Escola Básica e Secundária da Calheta was opened in 1982.

Hello, my name is Ricardo and now I'm going to describe my school. The name of my school is Escola Básica e Secundária da Calheta, and it is located in Estrada Simão Gonçalves Câmara. My school was opened in 1982.

My school has got six buildings and one gymnasium. In the main building there is the first aid room, the general office, the director's office, the photocopy room and the conference room.

In the second building, there is a canteen and classrooms. In the third building there are classrooms and one laboratory. In the fourth building there are two computer rooms and other classrooms. In the fifth building there are classrooms, one bar, the students' bar, and the radio station, the Radio Horizonte. We also have one swimming pool.

For me my school is good, but somethings aren't good. But for the next year, the school will be better. This is my school!

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Opinion on school

Carolina really dislikes teachers who gives her lots of homework to do.
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I think school is OK and I enjoy going there every day. I like school, because it is where I meet my friends.

I feel that I have to go to school, because I have to learn, so one day later on I can be someone and do something with my life.

There are subjects that I like, for example, Geography, Science, Maths, History and English and there are some I don't like, such as Music and PE.

However, there are things about school I don't like. For example, I really dislike teachers who give me lots of homework to do.

My School

Carolina says her school is getting a bit old and uncomfortable.

I'm a student in Escola Básica e Secundária da Calheta. This school is located in Sitio da Vargem.

There are five buildings in my school. The headmaster's room is in the main building.
In the second, third, fourth and fifth buildings there are normal classes. There are classrooms, laboratories and in building two there is the canteen. In the fifth building there is a bar for the students.

There is also a gymnasium. I think my school is getting a bit old and uncomfortable. I hope you enjoyed the visit to my school. Do not forget!

Opinion on school life

Ricardo likes his school, but there are things he doesn't like. Find out.

Hello, my name is Ricardo and I like my school.
Concerning the buildings, the school is very organized. The classrooms have the necessary materials like chairs and tables for the classes. I don't find any problems about this.

The homework is important but too much homework is tiring. For me the teachers are good, but sometimes they are boring. They teach us very important things.

My favourite subjects are P.E. and Arts and Crafts. My weakest subjects are... I don't know. I played in a football team.

In short, I like my school but there are some things I don't like. Sometimes the others students and the security guards annoy us.

My school is good but it isn't the best school. This is my opinion about school.

My birthday

Ricardo is now thirteen years old. Read on to know how he spent his day.
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Hi, my name is Ricardo and my birthday is on the 31st of May.

That day was a Sunday. I woke up at 9:30 am. My first present was a mobile phone and the second was clothes. At 10:00 am I ate.

At eleven o'clock I went to play computer and at 12:00 pm I watched TV. Then I had lunch. From 13:00 pm till 17:00 pm I went to play computer with my friend in her house. We played GTA IV. I like this game. When I came home I went to see football, but unfortunately , my team lost the game.

At 19:00 pm the guests began to arrive. We ate, spoke, played computer, played ping-pong etc.

My gifts were a mobile phone, clothes and money. Now I am thirteen years old. Now I am thirteen!!!!!!

City or countryside

Eduardo prefers living in the countryside.
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In my opinion the countryside is better than the city because it is more pure, quiet and relaxing.

The city is noisy and polluted, there’s no clean air and the city is full of people, cars, houses, flats, shopping centres, casinos, etc..

The countryside has got pure air, animals, trees, but the most important thing it's that we can be in contact with the nature.

The countryside can't have shopping centres or casinos or fast food centres but I prefer the countryside because nothing can give me the peace of the countryside.

My Easter holidays

Eduardo went to see "Slumdog Milionaire" and he liked it a lot.
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In my last Easter holidays I went to the beach with my friends, we played beach soccer and we swam.

I went to the cinema and I saw "Marley and Me" and it was cool. I also went to see "Slumdog Milionaire" and I liked it a lot. This film won some oscars.

I did my homework and I went a lot to the football field of this scholl near my house. I invited my friends and we formed the teams and played.

In my Easter holidays I also went to the church, my mother is a Sunday school teacher and I had to go with her.

My house

Eduardo's house is yellow.
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My house is in Madeira. It is a big and yelow house. In my house there is a swiming pool, a garden and a garage.

In my house there are three bedroms, one study, three toilets, one kitchen, one attic, one dining room and one living room.

My favourite room is my bedroom, because it is my place. It is where I put my stuff. There is a bedside table and a bed side lamp.There is no armchair.

In my house there are two double beds and one single bed, one sofa and one sofa-bed.
I like my house because it is very spacious.

quarta-feira, 27 de maio de 2009

Opinion on school life

One of Sónia's favourite subjects is Science.
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Hello, my name is Sónia C. and I will talk about school life. I go to school on the school bus because my father can not take me to school and my mother does not know how to drive.

At school we can practise sports but I do not do any sport in school. The homework is good because is a good review of the day but sometimes there is too much homework. I don't like Portuguese because I hate verbs, that are very complicated.

I like very much school because besides learning we have many friends. The teachers are helpers because when we do not understand something they explain to us again. They are very demanding. I like all the teachers. My favourite subjects are Science, History, English and Physical Education.

I think school is very cool and sometimes is fun.

Opinion on school

Renato's favourite subject is PE.
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I think school is ok and I like doing sports and P.E..

I think homework is boring. My strongest subject is P.E.

I think my teachers are ok and my favourite subject is P.E.

Opinion on school

Carina's strongest subject is PE.
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I think school is ok and I like studying English, P.E, and History.

I think homework and studying are boring. My weakest subjects are Maths and French. My strongest is P.E.

I think my teachers are nice and like to help. My favourite subject is English. I don't like sport.

My school

Renato likes playing football in school.
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My school is Escola Básica e Secundária da Calheta.
My school is twenty-seven years old. My school location is Vargem-Calheta.
There are five buildings.

In my school there are facilities: two coffee-bars (teacher´s bar and student’s bar) one canteen, one gym, a stationery, photocopy room, library, general office, toilets, laboratories, computer rooms, classrooms and first aid room.

My entertainment in school is football.

terça-feira, 26 de maio de 2009

My opinion on school life

Laura thinks her teachers are good and nice.
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There are things I like and I don’t like about school.

I like Music, PE, History, English and Portuguese. My favourite subject is Music and my weakest subjects are Maths and French.

I like homework because it helps me studying. I think my teachers are good and nice. I don’t do any sports in school.

Description of my school

Laura says her school is very comfortable.
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My school is Básica e Secundária da Calheta. Its location is Sítio da Vargem (Calheta).
My school is twenty-seven years old!

In my school there is a teacher’s office, classrooms, gym, coffee-bars, library, a canteen and other facilities.

I like the gym, the coffee-bar and the canteen.
I think the school is cool and very confortable!

Last Easter holidays

Laura got Easter eggs and almonds.
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On my Easter holidays I watched TV, went for a walk, received chocolate Easter eggs and almonds. On Saturday I went to the beach party.

On Easter Sunday I went lunch at my grandparents' house.
My holidays were cool.

Easter holidays

Ana went to Funchal a lot.
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On my holidays I went to Funchal a lot, went to my cousins house and grandpa's house too.

I helped my mom to bake a cake and cleaned my room. I surfed on the net everyday and I watched TV everyday too. I played and walked my dogs.

My school

Diogo thinks his school is vBoldery good, but he doesn't like the snack in the canteen.
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My school is Escola Básica e Secundária da Calheta.

There are five buildings, two coffee-bars (teachers' bar and student's bar), one gym, one swimming pool, one stationery, one photocopy room, general office, library, toilets, canteen, computer rooms and laboratories.

My school offers some entertainment like table football and table tennis.
I think my school is very good and comfortable, but I don't like the snack in the canteen.

My opinion on school

Guilherme plays Futsal.
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I think school is OK and I don't mind going there every day.

What I really like about school are the free periods and some subjects like English and Visual Education (Art).

I do a sport in school, futsal, because I like that sport. I don't like too much homework, because sometimes I can't do it. For me the weakest class is Music.

Some teachers are good, but there are others that are bad because there are some teachers who help us understand and others don't mind if we understand or not.

My opinion on school

Octávio does roller skating and thinks school is good.
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From my point of view I think the school is good.

In school there are good teachers and bad teachers. I don't do any sport at school. My favourite sport is professional roller skating.

Sometimes I don't like the homework because it is difficult. My favourite subjects are English, Arts and History. I think my school is the best. I live being with my friends: I talk with my friends, play games, I have lunch with my friends, etc..

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Opinion on school

ItalicAna went to Desporto Escolar and played Futsal.
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I think school is ok, but I don't link the fact that there aren't lockers for the students.

I dislike the fact f getting up early to go to school. I dislike some teachers and like others. I don't like do the homework, but I know it's for our own good.

My weakest subject is French and my favourite subjects are French and Arts. I don't do any sport at school, but I went to Desporto Escolar and played "futsal".