quarta-feira, 27 de maio de 2009

Opinion on school life

One of Sónia's favourite subjects is Science.
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Hello, my name is Sónia C. and I will talk about school life. I go to school on the school bus because my father can not take me to school and my mother does not know how to drive.

At school we can practise sports but I do not do any sport in school. The homework is good because is a good review of the day but sometimes there is too much homework. I don't like Portuguese because I hate verbs, that are very complicated.

I like very much school because besides learning we have many friends. The teachers are helpers because when we do not understand something they explain to us again. They are very demanding. I like all the teachers. My favourite subjects are Science, History, English and Physical Education.

I think school is very cool and sometimes is fun.

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