quarta-feira, 24 de junho de 2009

My school (text improvement)

Escola Básica e Secundária da Calheta was opened in 1982.

Hello, my name is Ricardo and now I'm going to describe my school. The name of my school is Escola Básica e Secundária da Calheta, and it is located in Estrada Simão Gonçalves Câmara. My school was opened in 1982.

My school has got six buildings and one gymnasium. In the main building there is the first aid room, the general office, the director's office, the photocopy room and the conference room.

In the second building, there is a canteen and classrooms. In the third building there are classrooms and one laboratory. In the fourth building there are two computer rooms and other classrooms. In the fifth building there are classrooms, one bar, the students' bar, and the radio station, the Radio Horizonte. We also have one swimming pool.

For me my school is good, but somethings aren't good. But for the next year, the school will be better. This is my school!

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